Monday, November 8, 2010

Today's Blog is about a Very Cool & Upcoming T-shirt Line in LA.

So Today's Blog is about a Very cool and Upcoming T-shirt Line in LA called SA or Self Approved. I really like this line, they are based in Venice Beach,CA and carry a variety of different shirts to choose from. I discovered this line at a very good time in my life, it's something that I had inside of me all along but never knew how to express it quite correctly but it couldn't fall into my lap at a better time then now. I myself have always been the kind of gal who doesn't chase men, they chase after me but somehow there's always that "One" that get's under your skin, turns your world upside down and thinks he can rule you, so in that circumstance you learn to trust yourself and love yourself more. Once the right person does show up in your life you will know and all the brilliant logic will go out the window but until then you always have yourself and you can always fill yourself up to fullness. When you find your authentic self you then are able to provide the love you have inside of yourself and spread the love & light to other good people. Self Approved is Kind of Epic & Poetic at the same time. So here are some of their designs.

 I do not know if we will meet again but what I do know is that I trust in Love's timing.
I've learned not to chase you but to chase myself. The yearning I had to be with you was truly
yearning to be with my authentic self and in finding myself I now know all I have to do is
Show Up and Let Go

Here's their website.

T-Shirts are $48-55