Monday, October 18, 2010

Mary J Blige at Norstroms Oct. 18th 2010

On Oct. 18th at Nordstrom you had a chance to meet Mary J. Blige if you purchased a pair of the new Melodies sunglasses.  Ms. Blige is famous for her voice, but the nine-time Grammy Award winner has another passion—fashion, more specifically sunglasses. “I have probably 1000 pairs of sunglasses,” Blige said. The singer recently debuted a new line of eyewear called Melodies by MJB, which she is promoting while on tour. “Sunglasses are an extension of me, just like the fragrance I did is an extension of me,” she says. “I only do things that I know, that I’ve done for years.”
Well for me personally it was very exciting to finally meet the one and only Mary J. Blige. I have listened to her music for quite awhile, since the 90′s. I got to Nordstrom right at 10am when the store opened; they were giving away goodie bags to the first 50 people in the red carpet vip line. Inside the goodie bag was a Melodies by MJB scarf, her most recent CD “stronger with each tear” and a black tank top. Nordstrom also accommodated their vip guests with MJB cookies, special treats & bottled water. While I was in line, I met some other Mary J. fans, The energy and atmosphere in Nordstrom was so positive I could feel all the love in the building. As we anticipated and waited for Mary J. there were plenty of photographers on site.  They caught snap shots of the crowd and all the people in the store. Finally the time had arrived, Mary J was ready to enter the building and the crowd got very excited.  Mary J was escorted in by security and staff; and immediately waved to the crowd before doing some brief interviews.
I was only 10 people back in the vip line so I could see everything. Finally it was time for the meet and greet of the vip guests who purchased Melodies.  To really showcase our individual personalities and show off the new Melodies line, Nordstrom asked us to put on the sunglasses we purchase.  Also, Mary J. wanted to see which styles we had picked out. Soon - before I knew it I was the next person to meet Mary J. I got really excited and couldn’t believe it was finally happening.
I was really meeting Mary J. Blige.  She was so sweet and humble.  I immediately gave her a big hug and said thank you so much for all the music through the years, I told her I loved her and then I was at a loss for words.  I just stood there for a moment but had to tell her I was a singer, too. Mary J. wished me lots of good luck and immediately I started to cry.  Then Mary J. hugged me herself again and the camera’s were snapping away. I felt like I was standing on the red carpet with Mary J. Blige at an event!  Oh wait – I really was at a red carpet event with Mary J.!  All of this was real so I gave her one last smile and then walked away down the red carpet.  It was such a treat meeting such a lovely and inspiring woman.