Monday, December 20, 2010

Wickedly Delicious

Last Night I attended the Kenmore Live Studios for a cooking event sponsored by Whole Foods with “Centered Chef” Ryan Hutmacher and guests Glinda and Elphaba from hit Broadway musical Wicked.  The two witches threw down in a culinary battle for the ages! One made Goody Goodies (treats that are sinfully delicious, but good for you), and the other made treats that are just plain wicked good! Can good-for-you triumph over evil? You be the judge…  First up was Elphaba (Carla Stickler of Oak Park, IL.) with Chef Ryan.  Together they made a delicious green-colored coconut macaroon with a chocolate coconut ganache on top.  Second up was Glinda (Chandra Lee Schwartz from San Diego, CA) and together they made a chocolate truffle with a raspberry ice sparkler and a peppermint candy topping. The judges and the audience got to try the macaroon in it’s entirety but with the chocolate truffle we didn’t get to try it with the extra toppings making the truffle overwhelming with the bitter flavor of the cocoa and so the coconut macaroon won the competition. Both recipes added alternative and organic ingredients to the creations which was a nice change because the treats still tasted good but were a little better for you healthwise. Looks like in this case Elphaba wins over Glinda, the one break she gets is in the kitchen.