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Haute Couture vs. Better & Bridge like Juicy Couture

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Haute Couture (French for "high sewing" or "high dressmaking" refers to the creation of exclusive custom-fitted fashions. It originally referred to French fashion and in France, is a "protected name" that can be used only by firms that meet certain well-defined standards. However, the term is also used loosely to comprise all high-fashion custom-fitted clothing, whether it is produced in Paris or in other fashion capitals such as New York, London, and Milan.
Haute couture is made to order for a specific customer, and it is usually made from high-quality, expensive fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finish, often using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques.
The term can refer to:
  • the fashion houses or fashion designers that create exclusive and often trend-setting fashions
  • the fashions created
Fashion is divided into 5 price markets, w/ a term for each market category...Designer, Bridge, Better, Moderate and Budget. 98% of all people buy Budget/Moderate clothing which ranges from $1-$150 per item. Better consists of clothing from $150-$300 per item...while Bridge are considered secondary lines produced by designer labels to make more money by having a wider range of customers buying their merchandise. Bridge would be from $300-$800 per item.
Designer consists of high fashion/Haute Couture clothing worn by a small percentage and go from $800 - thousands per item. L.A.M.B would be in the "better" for sure.
However, people may argue that their runway shows are considered Couture when they actually aren't. Clothing seen directly on the runway aren't usually sold "as is" to retailers...and then to customers. The clothes are tweeked and scaled down before going on sale and therefore, broken down into the desired price market. Only reason clothing is over the top on the runway is for publicity and designer recognition.
Better-Bridge...bridge at most in terms of the price market. Being in Bridge still qualifies as being designer because Betsey Johnson who is a fashion legend because of her incredible sales in the past...labels herself as designer, but cators to the bridge-better market for more profit.
"Juicy Couture" is considered a Better market as well. Just because they have the word couture in it does not make it couture...they are NOT a designer label, they are  a "brand" name. The difference between designer labels and brands is this...designers create original garments based on inspiration and their own genious...any dress or article of clothing w/ a designer name on it was designed BY the designer.
Brands like Baby Phat & Juicy Couture are basically scaled down copies of "designer" ideas...they scan and anylize shows by bigger names, and scale down the trends and looks into lower priced versions.
Mass produced clothing in Gap & Old Navy  stores w/ Budget clothing...are considered knock-offs...designs that are a copy of a copy.

Fashion is an extrememly complex business and is one of the few businesses very miss understood by the general public.
HAUTE COUTURE, w/ "Haute" in it is basically reffuring to fashion houses and the industry of couture clothing. However, even though Couture originates IN isn't the only fashion capital in the world. There's also New York, Tokyo, Milan, and Toronto to name a few.
I believe to become a Haute Couture Designer, you need a valid liscense that certifies your right. But basically Juicy Couture does ready-to-wear runway presentations which is the most common fashion show out of 2 types. 1 is Couture done by only a few designers a year...and the other is ready to wear done by over 100 designer names in the industry and is the most important events throughout the years because they set the trends, and sell the clothes.
Couture is done exclusively for self recognition and just basically...expressing your true creativity which earns points for publicity. However, Couture shows waste millions of dollars at the end when only 1 or 2 garments are sold...but once ready to wear hits the cat walk, they recieve double the attention.
Galliano is also considered one of the greatest Couture designers. However, his name hasn't been on that level long enough to be included in the list yet, probably because he's inconsistent w/ the couture shows. I dont blame him one bit...cuz he's running 2 labels, Galliano and Christian Dior w/ approx. 6 shows a year. Galliano is an incredible talent.
The ONLY Couture clothing these days...are done by THESE designers:
Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Valentino, Christian Lacroix, Jean Paul Gaultier, Elie Saab, Givenchy & Armani

I wrote this blog awhile ago but it still stands today as the Definition of how Fashion market's are broken down in the fashion industry all over the World.
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